The Best LG 43 Inch TVs

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Buying a new television is an exciting thing. At the same time, the task could be daunting. When people think about buying a new television? Many buyers opt for a new television when the existing one does not work. However, many buyers seek a better viewing experience. Hence, they want to switch to a TV that can provide better picture quality and other new features. Irrespective of the reason for buying a new TV, you need to consider a few crucial factors. From the manufacturing brand to different features with the television, you may have to analyze many factors. In the following section, you can get a guide to buying LG 43 inch TV.

Top Models: LG 43 Inch TVs in January 2023

LG 43" Class 4K

Rating is 5 out of 5

LG 43" Class 4K

LG 43UN7300PUF 43

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

LG 43UN7300PUF 43

LG 43" Class 7 Series 4K

Rating is 4.7 out of 5

LG 43" Class 7 Series 4K

LG Electronics 32LJ500B

Rating is 4.7 out of 5

LG Electronics 32LJ500B


Rating is 4.5 out of 5


What to Consider When Buying a TV?

Before you purchase LG 43 inch 4k TV, you need to consider a few factors. Those factors have been discussed below. Taking the following things into consideration will help you to pick the best TVs for your budget.

1. Screen Size

The most important thing is the size of the screen on your TV. For the best viewing experience in a small or medium living room, the TV screen size should be 43 inches. However, you can go to smaller screens too. Typically, TV screens start at 24-inch. If you feel a 43-inch screen is small for your living room, you have options like 55-inch, 65-inch, etc. Some manufacturers have launched 70-inch TV in recent times. Hence, the demand for larger TV screens is rising. A large screen offers better visual quality.

2. Screen Resolution

Once the screen's size has been decided, the next step for the buyers is to decide the screen resolution. Today, all television manufacturers develop HD (High Definition) TV. Hence, buyers should not go with the HD TV screen tag. They should inspect the resolution details. For selecting the best 43 inch TV, you should go for the 1080P screen resolution. If you want a better viewing experience, a 4K screen would be ideal for you. With 4K screen resolution, you shall get a lifelike viewing experience. The display will be sharp and soothing. Large TV screens with low resolution can display grains. As a result, the viewing experience becomes unsatisfactory.

Today, a 4K screen is the best option for buying a TV. If you are a football lover, you can watch live sports conveniently on your 4K screen. Many well-known sporting tournaments have been broadcasted on the 4K resolution. Besides live sports, movie lovers shall also get a more enjoyable experience with a 4K screen. Netflix, Amazon, and other OTT platforms have many 4K contents to give more satisfactory visuals. The only notable thing is that a higher screen resolution will make the product costlier. For 4K and 8K TV screens, you should not have a budget constraint.

3. Display Type

The next important thing for buying a television is to analyze the display type. When it comes to the display of the television, buyers shall find three options. In the following section, those three options are discussed.

  • LED: This is the commonest TV display type. Previously, there were LCD TVs. Today, LCD units have become obsolete. Instead of LCD, buyers should go for LED display. This type of display offers a soothing viewing experience.
  • QLED: Quantum dot LED display is getting popular these days. If you want something better than an LED display, QLED should be the right choice. The QLED display offers more vibrancy and better contrast.
  • OLED: The Organic LED (OLED) display is the latest arrival in the marketplace. Top TV manufacturers have introduced products with OLED displays. Such a display type is costly. But, the benefit is the flawless picture quality.

What is the most suitable display type for buying a new LG television 43 inch? It depends on the budget of the buyers. If budget is not a concern for you, OLED and QLED displays recommend better picture quality, brightness, and contrast.

4. Smart TV

If you are going to buy a new TV, you shall find a new type of TV in third-party application support. Such a type of television is known as Smart TV. Why should you choose a smart TV? You can find the benefits below.

  • The smart TV comes with third party applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.
  • Advanced smart TV gives the option for downloading the applications from the app store.
  • The smart TV comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Different types of smart TVs are available in the marketplace. A good number of televisions come with Android OS support. They are called Android smart TV. Samsung smart TVs come with Tizen operating system support. On the other hand, LG 43 inch smart TV features a webOS operating system.

5. Connectivity

Modern TV users want internet and Bluetooth connectivity to their TVs. Nevertheless, people like to attach external drives to the TV to access multimedia files. Hence, connectivity options should be checked before buying a TV. If you are going to purchase a smart TV, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support will come by default. There must be one or two USB ports. There should be an HDMI port. For 4K TVs, you shall get HDMI 2.0 support. 8K TV is compatible with HDMI 2.1.

What Not to Worry About?

There are a few things that should not make the buyers worried when buying a new television. For example, you do not need to check the refresh rate. All products come with a standard refresh rate for providing a seamless viewing experience. The magnitude of refresh rate may vary from one television to another television. Smart TV buyers should not be worried about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All smart TVs come with these connectivity features.

TV Warranty

LG TV 43 inch price is high, and thus you would not want to purchase a faulty product. Eminent TV manufacturers give importance to the testing process so that faulty products do not reach the buyers. Still, a warranty is an important thing to be checked. For smart LED TVs warranty varies from one to three years. A higher warranty period is always a good thing for the buyers.

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