The Best LG 65 Inch TVs

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Gone are the days when purchasing TV was easy. The main reason for that was the specification and the standards that needed to be considered were limited. Now, the complete experience on LG 65 inch TV shopping has changed and people are now expecting better quality and specifications are on varied factors. So some time might have passed since you upgraded your TV. But now as all of us are spending most of the time indoors, there is a need for having a better entertainment experience than before.

Therefore before you go ahead with your purchase; it's recommended that you also go with the technology that's here to stay for a longer run.

Top Models: LG 65 Inch TVs in January 2023


Rating is 5 out of 5


LG 65UN7300PUF

Rating is 5 out of 5

LG 65UN7300PUF

LG 65SM8100AUA

Rating is 4.8 out of 5

LG 65SM8100AUA

LG 65SM9000PUA Nano 9 Series 65

Rating is 4.8 out of 5

LG 65SM9000PUA Nano 9 Series 65

LG 65UN8500PUI

Rating is 4.6 out of 5

LG 65UN8500PUI

How do I choose a good 4k TV?

Here are some of the best features that you should keep in mind while buying your next TV set.

TV Screen Size:

You might be searching for the basic or a TV that offers high performance. One of the main factors that you might be looking for is going to be the screen size. For finding the right one, you need to first understand the number of people that usually watch TV at one time.

Then choose the one that will be the largest and is going to fit with ease in the space that you have. Keep in mind that a larger screen size means a higher cost, so your budget will be a consideration too. The best options that you will find in the market today will be LG 65 inch 4k TV. But apart from that, the usual good screen size can vary from 46 to 65 inches.

The screen size also will depend on the proximity of you to the TV screen. You are way too close if you can see the screen pixels. One must consider sitting at a distance of thrice more than TV height.

But remember that none of the guides will be helpful when you are in search of a specific TV experience and that can be an individual choice. So unless your living space is too small anywhere from 55 to 65-inch screen size will be the best recommendation.


So these days almost any TV that you see in the market has an LED screen. These have a backlit display and can offer great brightness. But there can be a dark image display and this is where it lacks. The LED's aren't able to provide the right black images. It means that during a dark scene, the black pixels completely switch off for achieving dark black. This tends to create a vivid contrast that can lead to input lag and lowered brightness.

The best 65 inch TV that you find in the market today come with OLED and this is certainly better. Mainly because you get more real-life images, the overall experience is enhanced. Therefore we can say that both of the options are good but OLED has a slightly better advantage.

TV Resolution:

The resolution mainly means the total pixel number, this also comes in terms of vertical and horizontal rows. The more pixels there is the better and finer image detailing you to get. Therefore having a higher resolution will be great. One of the easy choices here will be LG 65 inch smart TV in 4K.

Having Ultra HD also called 4K means that you are offered four times the 1080p TV images. When you have a 4K display, it means that you are looking at more than 7 million pixels. If you had been worried about the LG TV 65 inch price don't be as there is a high possibility of getting the 4K display at an affordable cost during the holiday season.

Don’t Worry About This:

There are some aspects that you shouldn’t get too stressed about while you do your research for the best television set. One is the contrast ratio, as this is one specification that you can completely neglect. There are no true standards made here and most of the televisions that you see today offer similarity.

Don’t think too much when you see users complaining about the audio quality. Well, as the TVs are very thin these days, you might just need to have a soundbar for fixing the issue and again this is something that doesn't need a lot of your attention.

Most Smart TVs Are Here Already:

You see LG television 65 inch and many others in the market these days that also come with the Wi-Fi built-in. This offers you to enjoy streaming videos and movies from some of the best online platforms and even watching live sports can be great. Also, you can see massive improvements in the interface. When you want to enjoy content in high definition from popular streaming apps, having a smart TV is the best option. Keep in mind that not all of these options available are created equal. Usually, the ones at lower cost offer a limited selection for the apps and low performance.

Warranty is Important:

Always check with the retailer on the warranty of the TV set that you want to buy. Most of the good brands provide one year of warranty and this is a standard norm. You might also want to look ahead to the extended warranty. But usually, this is something that rarely gets used, as any good brand TV won’t give you any issue for at least 5 years. Some of the companies (credit –cards) can offer added automatic coverage with each purchase. You can also get more information on this from your provider.


This is the year to get your new 4K TV as it is the best screen resolution in the market. Also, you need to act smart in the manner in which the TV will be set in the space that you have. It will be a great idea to review the product online once you have experience with it. This usually helps any future buyers with insight and acts as a guide.

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