The Best LG 75 Inch TVs

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Have you been in search of the best LG 75 inch tv? There might be confusion on the right budget or the number of choices that you have. It is also because of the several features and the quality specifications that sometimes get overwhelming. Being the consumer you are offered choices like 8K sets, HD and 4k. So if you are wondering about the best LG 75 inch 4k tv then we have the complete guide right here for making sure you get the perfect television for you.

Top Models: LG 75 Inch TVs in January 2023


Rating is 5 out of 5


  • Local dimmimg
  • Webos and magic remote
  • α7 GEN 3 processor 4K
LG 75NANO99U 75

Rating is 5 out of 5

LG 75NANO99U 75

  • Webos and Thinq AI

Rating is 4.9 out of 5


  • Real 4K NANOCELL display
  • Full array dimming
  • Webos and magic remote
LG 75SM9070PUA

Rating is 4.7 out of 5

LG 75SM9070PUA

  • LG a7 GEN 2 Intelligent processor
LG 75UN7370PUE

Rating is 4.5 out of 5

LG 75UN7370PUE

  • Real 4K IPS Display
  • Quad core processor 4K

Selection of The TV Size

Of course, bigger in this scenario means better. A long time ago, the family sofas that we had at home were the determining factor on the television size. So that meant the further the sofa is the bigger size of TV you can go for. But now the rules regarding the factor are being changed. So most people will tell you that the bigger size of the TV means the better and if you tend to go smaller there can be regrets later.

The best LG 75 inch smart tv is the one that also has a modern design. Now we don’t have the big black boxes that used to take so much of the space but very thin and wonderfully designed sets that can range from 32 to 100 inches. This can assure you the complete cinematic experiences in the comfort of your home. The best 75 inch tv can have the thickness of a credit card and the wall installations make sure that that there is no need for making extra space.

The Question is LED or OLED?

Here a simple answer is that both are great, but there is more benefit to one of them. Now, we shall try to make this as simple as possible. OLED is usually more expensive, but you will get the best technology when we talk about picture quality. For being clear, the LG television 75 inch that has an OLED screen will be your best choice. Here are some factors that you should consider:


LEDs are less expensive when compared with OLEDs. With time you can see a gradual reduction in the overall cost of OLED as well.


The LED television sets are backlit; this means that there will be light shining through the panel with crystals that makes the picture. This is not the case with OLED. Instead, each pixel on OLED TV adjusts individually. This results in a picture that will be more lifelike as well as superior.

3. Brightness:

OLED and Led both works nicely in all kinds of light conditions. LEDs are great when there is a space that's well lit. OLED will work spectacularly even in dim light situations.

Select your TV Resolution

For making your selection the best just go with 4K. Also having ultra HD is vital. Both of these terms refer to the screen resolution and pixel numbers you get on screen. So the higher this number is the sharper, better, and closer to reality picture quality you get. You can compare it with being four times higher standard quality when compared with HD. And although you won’t be able to get a lot of options with 4k, now the companies are coming up with 4K TV that is also equipped with several exciting features. Why go for it? Well here are some reasons:

  • The new 4K TV can make the regular HD shows seem better. This is because of the new technology that improves the 1080p to a better 4K with the addition of pixel density.
  • The older HD only offered a fraction of the digital information that's present. But when you get 4K TV you will notice a dramatically better picture experience than before.

The moral of the story is that going with the 4K TV will be your present best choice and you don't need to give this one a second thought.

What you should not be worried about?

If you can get the best quality TV, you have already overcome the points that we shall mention below. But just for the information, go through them:

  • Refresh Rates

The higher the refresh rate is there the faster and smoother pictures you get. This means that you will be able to have a great experience with movies, games, and sports.

  • Contrast Ratios

Every brand offers a contrast ratio differently. And some brands don't even mention it. This is not a crucial specification while we compare TV's and one can also ignore it.

  • Have a Smart TV

So this is just a standard in the present day. And there are several reasons for it; here are some reasons why you should be choosing a smart TV:

Smart TV makes it possible to get all of the benefits that come with satellite services. So you can enjoy all of the famous streaming services on your television.

Almost every kind of content can be seen. This includes photos, home videos, and music on the computer or phone.

TV Warranty

Always make sure that you get your television from an authorized dealer. And most of the bigger brands also have service centers nationwide. Therefore in case, you face any issues you can get in touch with the team and get complete coverage and complete support from the company.

Final Words

If you are worried about the LG tv 75 inch price, then don't worry as these are becoming affordable with time. Understand that having a television set is an investment on its own and always get it from the trusted dealers. This will make sure that you don't fall into any scam companies that might offer a television that works fine for one year, and as soon as the warranty period is over you are struggling with some of the other issues every day.

If you have been able to narrow down your choice to the last two, it's recommended that you check for online reviews. This will assist in making sure that you choose the one that fits your requirements better.

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