The Best LG 8K TVs

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In one word, 8K TVs are the new sensation that is taking the TV world by storm. The fantastic picture quality and the amazing clarity of the graphics make this TV truly worthy. The images on the 8K TV screen consist of 7680 horizontal and 4320 vertical pixels that account for almost a total of 33 million pixels. The 8K TVs feature an Ultra HD TV Resolution. Those of you are well acquainted with the image quality of 4K TVs, this is 4 times more than that, 4 times clearer, brighter images. You can witness a phenomenal picture quality with the 8K TV. You can witness the finest details like never before with 8K TV. The extremely sharp picture quality makes these worthy and the fineness of details on the screen is mesmerizing.

Top Models: LG 8K TVs in January 2023

LG 75SM9970PUA Alexa Built-in Nano 9 Series 75

Rating is 5 out of 5

LG 75SM9970PUA Alexa Built-in Nano 9 Series 75

LG 65NANO99UNA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 99 Series 65

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

LG 65NANO99UNA Alexa Built-In NanoCell 99 Series 65

LG 75NANO97UNA 75 inch 8K

Rating is 4.6 out of 5

LG 75NANO97UNA 75 inch 8K

Who is Making 8K Content?

NHK, the famous Channel of Japanese Broadcast Company, is making 8K Content. They have conducted several trial-runs for the 8K streaming quite a couple of years back and now it runs a successful 8K TV channel. 8K content is upscale content. Next on the line is the famous Korean Broadcasting Channel KBS. Vimeo is also progressing very fast and is expected to release full-fledged 8K video content very soon.

In a nutshell, 8K is not the call of the era. If you are spending so many bucks buying a TV, it is very obvious that you will want to use it from the very next day and not wait for a year or two simply because there is no content to watch. If at all a budget is a restraint for you, like it should be for most people, it is better to restrain from your heartfelt desires of buying an 8K TV at this moment.

None of the major online streaming platforms like Youtube, Amazon, or Netflix has yet come up with 8K content. So, now, you will not get access to any 8K video content so truly speaking buying an 8K TV is not much worth it. However, it is expected that Amazon, Netflix, Disney plus will be the first-ever streaming platforms on the web to come up with 8K content. Standing at the present scenario, 8K TVs are a bit too overrated and unrealistic. When the content for broadcast gets ready, 8K TVs will generate mesmerizing image content.

TV Worth it?

To be very honest, 8K TVs are literally over the top expensive. It is simply beyond the reach of normal people. Yes, 8K TVs indeed feature some world-class features that are worth it to make it expensive but it is simply too much. 4K TVs are well within budget and provide superb picture quality but you can consider 8K TVs as something premium.

The brands which are presently into the making of 8K TVs are LG, Samsung, and many other trusted flagships. Since 8K TVs are premium products, their requirements are also premium. You need an 18 Gbps speed cable to support the 8K TVs because other than these speed cables, none other can handle the load of 8K TVs.

The bandwidth requirement of 8K TVs is also superbly high because of the gigantic amount of pixels on the screen. 8K TVs exert a special need for HDMI 2.1 for a seamless operation. HDMI 2.1 are those strong cables that your home theatre works on. HDMI 2.1 is the basic requirement to project uncompressed videos on-screen with 60 frames/ second.

Thus you can well understand that 8K TVs are not only expensive to buy. That is, not only the initial one-time investment is huge, the recurring cost of maintenance of such televisions are also quite high. LG 8K TV price falls relatively under the affordability range.

Buying Guide for 8K TV

8K TVs are not very common products that you can find at random. So, the buying guide for the best 8K TV is a big sector of the dilemma. Brands like Samsung, LG, Sony have come up with 8K TV with the latest technologies but not at affordable prices. Each of them is extremely expensive and well beyond reach. Let us have a look at the essential factors, you must keep in mind when buying an 8K TV set:

Screen Size

The 8K TVs already launched in the market till now are huge ones. Most of them are not below 65 inches whereas the majority of the 8K TVs come in the screen size range of 75- 98 inches. So, you need an appropriate room to house the TV. If going for a wall mount, then the wall area must be spacious. An 8K TV is an expensive luxurious product to relish and the placement should be such that you can enjoy it from every aspect. LG 8K TV Reviews say that they are offering myriad screen size options to cater to the need of multiple customers.


The most famous 8K TVs till now in the market are offered by Samsung, LG, and Sony. Each of these brands has paid special importance to the display. It is needless to say anything at all about the picture quality of 8K TVs. With millions of pixels to make up the image, of course, the picture quality of all 8K TVs will be the best. 8K TVs are in fact on the verge of making 4K TVs extinct. The colors are sharp, distinguished, and pop out. You can observe the details with maximum precision.


8K TVs offer dramatic sound. They have literally exploding sound boxes to blow you away. Multiple woofers are associated with the TV to make the sound extra compelling. So make sure you have a suitable place to house such a mega electronic object


Do not think about the budget when looking for an 8K TV. Remember that you are investing in futuristic technology and budget cannot hold you back. The budget is overwhelming and you will get disappointed if you are searching for the cheapest 8K TV because cheap and 8K TV are at present quite antagonistic. However, LG 8K TVs are comparatively cheaper than the other concurrent variants in the market.

8K TV is the new future that awaits you. Are you ready to embrace it?

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