The Best Samsung 58 Inch TVs

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Have you been a bit confused about the TV purchase for some time now? Well, here is a simple guide that will make your work easy. You will get aware of some specifications that one has to pay attention to and make sure that you get the best available option in the market.

Top Models: Samsung 58 Inch TVs in January 2023

SAMSUNG 58-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

SAMSUNG 58-inch Class QLED Q60T Series


Rating is 4.5 out of 5


How Do I Choose A Good 4k TV?

Some factors need focus and help you to narrow down your choices on the best 58 inch TV. Let’s take a look at them:

TV Size:

Most people are aware of it but don't understand the TV screen size that is needed so that it's optimum for the living space set up that you have. So first, understand if this TV will be used by family members or something that will be used for personal space like bedroom. Also, consider the placement of the TV that you plan.

Then as per the budget that you have and space availability you can get to a final decision on the size. Usually for a medium to large size room Samsung 58 inch TV will be the best option. However, you can go for a big-screen 65-inch TV as well. In case you are on a strict budget, you can always just shift your sofa just a bit closer and get a smaller size screen TV.

TV Resolution:

Now, this is one of the most integral choices that you will have to make when you are searching for the best TV. While there are very few options for 8K TV's but the trend remains of the Samsung 58 inch 4k TV. This is certainly a sweet spot where you are moving ahead with technology, yet not so forward that the technology isn’t being used much yet as that’s the case with 8K.

4K is the industry standard and most of the manufacturers have been coming up with different models revolving around the technology. This also has led to the lowering of the Samsung TV 58 inch price which has made shopping a lot more fun than before. With 4K you get 4 times pixels when you compare it with FHD TV and certainly way better picture quality.

However, if you are on an extremely strict budget then you can go with Full HD that is affordable. And you won't be noticing a huge difference until you are sitting too close to the screen.

Again the best recommendation remains 4K especially if you are looking for something that you can watch Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube videos.


The famous Samsung television 58 inch is available with OLED mainly because it's better. But let's not jump to a conclusion as to what exactly do these terms mean. The displays available these days are LED and OLED. Mainly in LED, the screen is being used for illuminating the panel, therefore the name. Now a more exorbitant option is OLED. Here the TV backlight is replaced with an added layer of the organic LED that is capable of achieving darkest black and thus produces an incredible contrast level.

There are some great options available by some of the most popular brands that you can look at. Understand that OLED is great at offering the darkest blacks and contrast but won't be able to offer the high brightness that is seen in LED. Therefore, in the end, you need to choose something as per your individual preference as both of them have their benefits and disadvantages.

Smart TV:

The Samsung 58 inch smart TV already comes well equipped with many smart e-features. There are so many benefits of having a smart TV in your home. For example, you can stream movies and music from your favorite application. These are also great for playing games. Here the focus needs to be purchasing from a reputable brand as many local companies are offering unwanted features that aren't needed and will make you spend a lot more.

What not to worry about:

There is one main feature that you shouldn’t be stressing about right now. And that is 8K TV. Now, this is certainly a buzzword that we are seeing lately. The issue is that you will have to pay a lot more money, for the features that you might not even be able to use yet. You don’t have any 8K read content that you can watch right now. Presently you will just be able to see a slightly upscale version of 4k content and it won’t be a smart choice to go for right now.

TV Warranty:

When you get an electronic item from an authorized dealer, the TV will have a good manufacturer's warranty. And most of the good brands also have authorized services center that can be in a location near you for sure. So in case you have issues in the warranty period, you can be assured that the needed repair will be done, without paying any money. You can also go ahead with a purchase of an extended warranty, but in an expert’s opinion, it's not needed and is just an additional amount that you are spending on it.

Final Thoughts:

TV is certainly a part of our everyday activities. Understand that this is a huge investment that will be lasting for years to come. Therefore for a hassle-free and smooth entertainment experience, you should be focusing on the important features and get the one that suits your needs.

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