The Best Vizio 50 Inch TVs

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If your old TV has become outdated, you need to opt for a new one. Sometimes, the TV stops working. Instead of investing money in repairing the television, people choose to purchase a new one. When you decide to buy a new TV, you need to find a product that can deliver a top-notch viewing experience. From CRT curved televisions to OLED flat-screen, televisions have undergone a lot of changes. With the advent of time, new products are getting launched by the makers. The new products come with more features and options. If you are looking forward to buying Vizio 50 inch TV, you can go through the following guide for buying a new TV.

Top Models: Vizio 50 Inch TVs in January 2023

VIZIO V-Series 50-Inch

Rating is 5 out of 5

VIZIO V-Series 50-Inch

VIZIO D-Series 50

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

VIZIO D-Series 50

VIZIO M-Series Quantum 50

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

VIZIO M-Series Quantum 50

Vizio 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Rating is 4.6 out of 5

Vizio 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV


Rating is 4.4 out of 5


How Can We Choose a Good 50-Inch TV?

Today, buyers will find many TV manufacturing brands. From different brands, you shall get different ranges of products. If you are not fascinated by a specific renowned TV manufacturing brand, you will not find it difficult to identify a 50-inch TV on an affordable budget. Even a few years earlier, TVs starting from 40-inch screens used to be expensive. But, the competitive market has allowed many manufacturers to step into this field. Hence, products at a low budget are also available. However, picture quality varies from one product to another product. If you want the best viewing experience, you need to spend some time researching different televisions.

What Is the Most Appropriate Size of TV Screen?

TV screen size varies between 24 inches to 90 inches. If you are searching for the best 50 inch TV, you must know that the space between the TV and sitting position should at least 100 inches. Watching a large screen TV from a close distance would not give you the most satisfactory experience. As you start moving towards the TV screen, you shall find the pixels. Hence, the overall picture quality turns blurry.

However, the bigger screen has some advantages too. Watching movies or live sports on Vizio 50 inch 4k TV is a great experience. The large screen provides a lifelike viewing experience. If you use to spend a lot of time watching movies and sports, you should go for a large screen TV. Minimum 40-inch is suitable for a lifelike viewing experience. However, the experience will get even more enjoyable with a 50-inch TV screen.

What Is the Perfect TV Resolution?

With the advent of time, new products have approached with better resolution. The high resolution suggests a higher pixel density on the screen. When pixel density is high, you shall get crisper and detailed picture quality. Based on the resolution, you shall find different options for buying a television. In the following section, different TV resolutions have been listed.

  • Full HD (1080P): If you want to buy a 50-inch TV, you should go for at least 1080P resolution. Full-HD TV gives an excellent viewing experience. Most of the movies and web series have been produced in 1080P resolution.
  • Ultra-HD (4K): If you want a next-level viewing experience, Ultra-HD or UHD TV is a perfect option for you. Though there are limited movies on 4K resolution, many OTT platforms have announced a lot of upcoming projects in 4K resolution. So, ultra-HD television is the future of a lifelike TV watching experience.
  • 8K Resolution: Buyers also have an option beyond 4K, and that is 8K resolution. However, 8K content is limited. Most of the content developers are now focusing on 4K content. Hence, it is not the best time to go for 8K television. However, watching 4K content on 8K TV is a great experience.

What Is the Best Display Type? LED or OLED?

For a Vizio television 50 inches, you need to pick the right display panel. For the display panel, you have the following options.

  • LED: This is the commonest option for display panels for modern televisions. It offers a soothing and attractive display.
  • OLED: It gives a better display compared to the LED panel. OLED panel offers better picture quality with enhanced sharpness and contrast.
  • QLED: It comes with an added layer of quantum dots over the regular LED panel. Hence, brightness and contrast improve drastically with a QLED display panel.

What Not to Worry About?

  • Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is important for TV manufacturers. A higher refresh rate offers better picture quality. But, buyers should not be concerned about it. Most of the manufacturers come with the standard refresh rate.
  • USB Port: Every flat-screen TV comes with a USB connectivity option. You shall find one or multiple USB ports.
  • Smart TV: If you are using Amazon Fire Stick or a similar device, smart TV is not required.

Should You Buy Smart TV?

Buying smart TV is recommended, especially to those who are fond of web series and movies. However, buying Vizio 50 inch smart TV will make you pay some extra money. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can go for TVs without smart features.


Typically, most of the makers provide one year warranty on TVs. In a few products, you may get a higher warranty period too.


For purchasing a new TV, Vizio TV 50 inch price should not be the only determining factor. You need to keep the factors mentioned above in mind while looking for a value for money television.

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