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Watching television at home is a way of relaxing the mind and body for many people. From sports to movies, everyone loves high definition picture quality these days. When it comes to buying an HD (High Definition) TV, you have plenty of choices. Many brands offer exclusive ranges of television sets to the buyers. If you want a top-notch quality picture, 4K is the obvious choice. However, you also have a better choice. Nowadays, 8K TV has become the subject of discussion among television buyers. Is it the right time to buy 8K TV? Will the 8K TV suit your purpose? In this article, you can find a guide to 8K televisions.

Top Models: Sony 8K TVs in January 2023

Sony Z8H 75 Inch

Rating is 5 out of 5

Sony Z8H 75 Inch

Sony XBR85Z9G

Rating is 5 out of 5

Sony XBR85Z9G

Sony Z8H 85 Inch

Rating is 5 out of 5

Sony Z8H 85 Inch

What 8K Means for Viewers?

If you have watched 4K TV, you must have thought that it gives the ultimate viewing experience. 8K has come as the upgrade of 4K television sets. If you want a next-level TV watching experience, Sony 8k TV is the option for you. 8K refers to the 8000 pixels across the TV screen. More pixels on the screen mean a better-detailed view for the users. Picture quality will become sharper with the 8K TV. In simple words, the 8K screen comes with double pixels of the 4K screen. Hence, you shall get a sharper picture on the 8K screen compared to the 4K screen.

What Kinds of Contents Available in 8K?

The major concern is that most of the content makers short for the 4K screens nowadays. They have not upgraded to 8K yet. Since 8K is new to the market, content creators would take some time to develop content for 8K. Till then, you have to watch 4K contents on your 8K TV screen. How does it feel to watch 4K contents on 8K screens? You shall be surprised to know that the Sony 8k television set is outfitted with artificial intelligence to upscale the content resolution. AI algorithm identifies the actual resolution of the content, and it activates the upscale process. Content upscale helps any video content to become suitable for viewing on the 8K TV set.

The good thing is that content developers are getting prepared for shooting their videos for 8K. Many popular content developers are working on upgrading their equipment. On the other hand, many broadcasters have already started displaying 8K contents. For example, many notable sporting events have been shot on 8K. The upcoming Olympic 2021 in Tokyo will also be broadcasted on 8K.

How Do We Choose the Best 8K TVs?

Choosing the best 8k TV is a decision that you have to make after analyzing a few factors. When it comes to buying a TV, different people have different kinds of preferences. Nevertheless, the budget is also a big factor. Apart from these things, people choose their TVs based on the features. Buyers can keep the following things in mind when purchasing 8K TV.

  • Purchase by Size: Sizes of 8K TVs start from 70 inches. The viewing experience will not be satisfactory in 8K if the screen is too small. A large screen is required for the best viewing experience. Till now, three manufacturers have launched 8K television sets. The first company that has introduced the 8K TV is Sony. Later, Samsung and LG have also launched 8K TV.
  • Purchase by Price: The 8k TV price varies from one manufacturer to another. As three big companies have already launched their 8K TVs, other manufacturers have also started working on their products. Soon, you shall find 8K televisions from other popular TV selling brands too. Sony has the costliest 8K TV in the marketplace right now. If you are looking for the cheapest 8k TV, you shall find 55 inches TV from LG.

Who is Making 8K Contents?

You have limited choices today for 8K contents. Apart from a few sporting events, you would hardly find a few contents that are developed for 8K viewers. However, 8K TVs have the unique caliber to upscale the content to enhance the viewing experience. Videos shot for 4K or lesser resolution can also be enjoyed on the 8K TV due to the AI-driven upscale feature. Apart from the next Tokyo Olympics, some football matches in the UK have been planned to be broadcasted in 8K. BT Sports has also announced the launching of a dedicated channel for football matches in 8K.

In movies and entertainment, Netflix and YouTube are the big names. Both these content showcasing platforms have announced new projects in 8K. Other OTT platforms are also not far behind. For example, Amazon Prime has also announced new projects in 8K. Vimeo, an online video sharing platform, now supports 8K streaming. However, 8K video streaming could be a difficult thing with present internet connection support. With 4G internet speed, 8K streaming would not be smooth. For a smoother experience, users have to switch to the 5G internet connection. In many countries, 5G internet connection has not arrived yet. 

How Is 8K Gaming Experience?

If you check the Sony 8k TV review, you shall notice that many people have appreciated the gaming experience on 8K. Sony 8K TV is easy to be paired with Sony PlayStation 5. The TV also has seamless compatibility with the Xbox Series X. 8K gaming is a different experience altogether. If you want to experience next level graphical simulation with videos games, you should try gaming on 8K.

What HDMI Cable You Need?

Buyers should note that 8K TVs do not support HDMI 2.0 cable. For these TV sets, you need an HDMI 2.1 cable. This cable is also known as the Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable. How is HDMI 2.1 cable different from the previous version of the HDMI cable? HDMI 2.1 comes with three times higher bandwidth. For playing 8K content, more bandwidth is required. Hence, HDMI 22.0 cable would not be suitable for such TV screens.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it should be stated that 8K TVs commit to a next-level viewing experience. At the same time, there are some problems. You would not find pure 8K contents easily. Hence, you have to be satisfied with 4K upscale contents. Another big thing is the internet support. Higher bandwidth is required to play the 8K videos smoothly. Instead of 4G, one needs to have a 5G internet connection for online streaming on their 8K television screen.

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